CBD Effects: Pros and Cons Explained

CBD Effects: Pros and Cons Explained

CBD Effects: Pros and Cons Explained

From anxiety to insomnia and oils to pet care products, CBD seems to be just about everywhere and does just about everything. But how do we know whether it’s a good choice?

This guide takes a closer look at CBD oils and their effects — both positive and negative — to give you a better understanding of how people use them and some potential reasons why. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll discover inside:

  1. Common CBD side effects
  2. Fatigue
  3. Dry mouth and dry eyes
  4. Gastrointestinal issues
  5. Is CBD addictive?
  6. Benefits of CBD gummies
  7. Can CBD help with mood swings?
  8. Does CBD make you hungry?
  9. Can CBD make you restless?

Common CBD Side Effects

Although plenty of people don’t experience side effects when they take CBD, some people do. More common side effects include fatigue, dry mouth, and gastrointestinal issues — let’s explore each one in depth.

Common CBD Side Effects


You’ve probably heard by now that many people take CBD as an alternative to other dietary supplements to help with disordered sleeping patterns, like insomnia. That’s because CBD may have slightly sedative effects, which can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

For many of us, this is a positive side effect. But for others, fatigue, sleepiness, and drowsiness is a negative. If you take other sedatives or prescription medications, talk with your doctor about whether CBD is a safe choice for you.

Dry Mouth and Dry Eyes

In some cases, people report feeling a dry mouth and dry eyes when using products made with CBD. This is more common with products made with both CBD and THC, but it can happen when you take pure CBD, too.

As always, talk with your doctor if you experience discomfort when taking CBD. Always consult a medical professional before changing your health routine.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Among the common adverse effects of CBD gummies, upset stomach, diarrhea, and nausea are quite common. Some people may experience these gastrointestinal issues when taking products made with CBD, although they may be caused by other ingredients found in the product.

For example, if you eat an edible made with chocolate and lots of sugar, it’s possible these ingredients are the culprits. If you experience GI issues, or if you aren’t sure whether CBD is what’s causing your stomach issues, consult with a medical professional.

Is CBD Addictive?

According to Medical News Today and the World Health Organization, — CBD itself doesn’t appear to be addictive, perhaps because it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. And in some cases, studies suggest that CBD may even help people struggling with addiction to other substances like cocaine, nicotine, and methamphetamine.

However, if you use marijuana to get the benefits of CBD, there’s a chance this is habit-forming and/or there’s a risk for dependence.

As well, there may be addictive ingredients in the CBD product you use, like nicotine or caffeine. In this case, carefully inspect the ingredients list and review lab results so you’re completely aware of what’s going on in your body. We suggest you only purchase and use high-quality CBD products from trustworthy brands.

If you’re concerned about dependency, talk with a doctor to find out whether CBD is a safe choice for you and which products to avoid.

Is CBD Addictive?

Benefits of CBD Gummies

Like other CBD products, CBD gummies can help you feel relaxed, help manage pain and inflammation, help increase focus, and more. But when it comes to CBD gummies specifically, there are some pros and cons.

Pro: CBD Gummies Are Discrete

Many CBD gummies don’t have a “telltale” aroma, and they obviously don’t give off any smoke or vapors. So, if you want to keep your CBD use discrete, gummies could be an ideal solution for you.

Con: CBD Gummies Take a While to “Kick In”

Tinctures and sublingual oils take effect within minutes in many cases. That’s because they absorb pretty quickly into the bloodstream. But gummies have to pass through your digestive system, and this can take hours.

Plus, this amount of time may vary from person to person, and whether or not you’ve eaten yet that day, and what you’ve eaten that day, and so on. For this reason, it can be tough to predict when your gummies will activate.

Pro: CBD Gummies Are (Usually) Tasty

Sweet and fruity CBD gummies typically taste like regular gummy candies. They’re fun to snack on and can give you a midday sugar boost. For many, this is preferable to CBD oil drops or other edibles with earthier tastes.

Con: CBD Gummies (Usually) Have Lots of Sugar

Sugar is what makes those gummies taste so good, but we all know sugar isn’t exactly our best friend. If you want to keep sugar intake to a minimum, or if you just don’t want the extra calories, consider another method of delivery, like oils or tinctures.

Pro: CBD Gummies Are Great for Sensitive Lungs

Whether you can’t inhale or you don’t want to inhale, gummies are a solid choice for people who want something easier on the lungs. Not all of us like smoking flowers or vaporizing. In this case, plenty of people with lung sensitivity reach for the gummies.

Con: CBD Gummy Dose Can Be Hard to Figure Out

This is a toss-up, and lots of people disagree. But, for many of us, CBD gummies can be particularly difficult to dose. Not only does it take a while for effects to activate, but the dose may vary from bottle to bottle and even from gummy to gummy within the same bottle.

At the same time, other people insist that CBD gummy doses are as consistent as other methods of delivery (like oils and extracts), so just be aware of this if you’re new to the world of CBD.

Can CBD Help With Mood Swings?

Yes! Some research suggests that CBD may play a role in mood regulation and alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms. This could be helpful for people with mood disorders like bipolar disorder and hormonal conditions like menopause, which often come along with mood swings.

Can CBD Help With Mood Swings?

A possible reason why is that CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system. In short, this system plays a role in regulating several major functions in the body:

  • Eating
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Metabolism
  • Reproduction
  • Growth
  • Anxiety

Some studies suggest that the endocannabinoid system also helps us regulate mood, emotional behavior, and how we respond to stress.

Not to mention, things like chronic pain may affect our moods. So, if we can help manage the underlying pain, we may be able to manage the feelings that come along with it — like anxiety and depression.

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

The jury is out on this one. For some people, yes, CBD can increase appetite. And for other people, no, it won’t do much.

Studies suggest that this may vary from person to person and that it may also vary by the type of CBD (indica vs. sativa dominant). Other studies suggest that CBD may increase appetite, but not in the way you might think.

For example, if you suffer from chronic nausea, there’s a good chance you struggle with eating. Since CBD may help some people calm nausea, this can, in a way, increase appetite. Or at least, a person’s normal appetite may resurface from beyond the feelings of nausea — at least temporarily.

Can CBD Make You Restless?

The short answer is yes; for some people, CBD can lead to feelings of restlessness. The longer answer starts with … there’s more than one type of CBD. Some CBD types are indicas, others are sativas, and some are hybrids or a mixture of both.

Products made with Indica-dominant CBD may be more likely to cause relaxation, calmness, and drowsiness. Often, these products are marketed to promote sleep or winding down at the end of a long day.

On the other hand, some products are made with sativa-dominant CBD. These may be more likely to increase focus, enhance creativity, and increase energy. For this reason, sativa-dominant CBD products are often marketed to promote wakefulness during the day. And for some people, feeling more “awake” may present as restlessness.

Not to mention that there’s a wide range of individual variability, meaning that the effects of CBD vary greatly from one person to another. So, a CBD gummy that makes one person feel tired may make another person feel wide awake or, in some cases, restless.

Always check with a doctor before making any changes to your health routine, especially if you aren’t sure how you’ll feel when you take CBD.

Can CBD Make You Restless?

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