USDA Organic

Acknowledge Farms is USDA Organic certified through the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Annual audits under this program require we keep detailed records including maps of our fields, planting and harvest data, and records of all inputs, ensuring we adhere to the standards set out by the National Organic Program.

Regenerative Organic Certified

Acknowledge Farms is a Silver-Level Regenerative Organic Farm certified by the Regenerative Organic Alliance. Regenerative agriculture focuses on building soil health and treats the farm as an ecosystem. It goes beyond organic farming to consider soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness, akin to a B Corp for farms. Annual audits ensure we document and report all our practices, as well as additional measures we are taking year-over-year to rehabilitate and increase our soil, respect animal welfare, and improve the lives of farmers and workers in our business.

Bee-Friendly Farming

Acknowledge Farms is a certified Bee Friendly Farm through the Pollinator Partnership. This program provides guidelines for farmers to promote pollinator health on their lands. We maintain pollinator habitats on our farm and ensure that none of our pest management strategies affect the health and welfare of our pollinators.