Does Suver Haze Get You High?

Does Suver Haze Get You High?

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THC is what creates the psychoactive effects in cannabis products. Suver Haze CBD is a hemp strain that has very little THC (0.3% or less). So no, Suver Haze CBD doesn’t get you high — but it can make you feel other things.

What Does Suver Haze CBD Make You Feel Like?

The way Suver Haze CBD will make you feel depends on the dose you take, and your body chemistry. In most cases, Suver Haze CBD makes people feel energized, focused, and creative. So for most people, it’s an ideal daytime strain.

For other people, Suver Haze CBD can make them feel relaxed and calm, in both body and mind. So in this case, it’s an ideal nighttime strain.

Some people claim Suver Haze CBD has an effect that builds as dose increases, which can tip the scales one way or the other. A lower dose leads to feelings of energy, and a higher dose leads to feelings of relaxation.

What Are the Effects of Taking Sour Lifter Delta?

First things first, Sour Lifter Delta is not an actual strain. You might be thinking of Sour Lifter or Sour Lifter Delta-8. Sour Lifter Delta-8 is sativa-dominant, making it ideal for daytime use. It’s also rich with terpenes, which can support feelings of alertness and improved focus. At the same time, this strain is high in CBD, which can help soothe anxiety and stress.

Is Lifter CBD Indica or Sativa?

Lifter CBD is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a high percentage of CBD and a THC percentage that’s typically at or below 0.3%. It’s an energizing strain that can help with focus and creativity.

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