Does Suver Haze Have Delta-8?

Does Suver Haze Have Delta-8?

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Delta-8 does occur naturally in small quantities in hemp and cannabis. So while Suver Haze does naturally have Delta-8, it’s not very much. That’s because most Delta-8 is artificially created when solvents trigger a chemical reaction in CBD, turning it into THC-8.

Acknowledge doesn’t make anything with Delta-8. We’re committed to only providing natural, high-quality products.

What Is Sour Space Candy CBD?

A cross between Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry (ERB), Sour Space Candy CBD has a complex terpene profile and sour, fruity taste.

It’s a strain that’s high in CBD, often available in flower form. Although some brands may use parts of organic hemp strains to create a full-spectrum oil or tincture.

What Are the Effects of Taking Suver Haze CBD and Delta-8?

Suver Haze CBD typically makes people feel one of two things. Either you feel energized and focused, or relaxed and calm. This largely depends on the dose and your body chemistry. Some people report feeling energized with lower doses, and relaxed with higher doses. In which case, Suver Haze CBD is a versatile strain ideal for daytime or nighttime use.

Some companies may carry CBD products that include Delta-8, or THC-8. Typically, CBD products can only contain small percentages of THC (including Delta-8) so they’re not psychoactive. Delta-8 products however often tend to be psychoactive and contain high amounts of Delta-8. But if you aren’t sure, review the third-party lab results for a product before purchasing and/or ingesting.

What Is Delta-8 Sour Lifter?

Sour Lifter is a sativa-dominant strain often characterized by its signature sour-lemon taste and floral aromas. Some companies may infuse their Sour Lifter products with Delta-8 THC, which can be intoxicating when concentrated or delivered in larger doses.

However, most CBD products can only contain 0.3% of Delta-9 THC or lower. In which case, it’s best to check third-party lab results before buying so you know exactly what’s in a product.

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