How Can You Tell If CBD Oil Is Pure?

How Can You Tell If CBD Oil Is Pure?

If you want to split hairs, there’s no such thing as “pure” CBD oil. Pure CBD, or CBD isolate, doesn’t have anything else in it — no terpenes, no flavonoids, nothing. That includes oils like coconut oil or safflower oil, both of which are common carrier oils used to make CBD oil.

When CBD gets mixed with other things like oils or cannabinoids, it’s no longer 100% pure CBD.

But there are some oils that get pretty close. And there are plenty of oils that exclude harmful chemicals like pesticides. So, really, this comes down to how you define pure.

If it’s organic CBD oil without any pesticides or other yucky chemicals you’re after, we’ve got you covered. Check out this guide to better understand the best CBD oil and how to find quality products.

What Color Is Pure CBD Oil?

Pure CBD oil can be nearly clear, light gold, or even black. There are a few reasons why color varies from oil to oil — let’s talk about the major ones.

First up is concentration. The darker an oil is, the more CBD is packed inside. And vice versa — the lighter the oil, the less dense it is with CBD.

Second, carrier oils. A carrier oil is whatever CBD is suspended in. Usually, it’s coconut oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, or safflower oil. When CBD gets infused into a carrier oil, the overall color mimics that of the carrier oil.

Third, extraction method. There’s more than one way to get CBD out of its plant. The way in which it’s removed can impact the color of the final product. For example, ethanol extraction may leave oils with a slightly green hue compared to oils made with a CO2 extraction method.

How To Read CBD Labels

There are two major things you need to find on a CBD label. First is concentration (or strength or potency). This is usually measured in milligrams of CBD per milliliter (more on that in the following section — but the higher this number is, the stronger).

The second is dosage instructions. This may include a recommended dose and directions on how to take that dose. For example, some CBD oils may recommend taking one to two drops from a dropper under the tongue once per day. Other oils are best dropped in a cup of tea or taken with food, and so on.

Instructions may vary from product to product. Oils are usually taken under the tongue or applied to the skin. But gummies and capsules are ingested, buds are smoked or vaporized, and so on.

How Is CBD Measured?

CBD is measured by weight — almost always in milligrams. Some common measurements are 500 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg. However, there are plenty of products with different, lower, or higher amounts.

Now, it’s important to know that even though CBD is measured by weight, its potency depends on volume. What does that mean?!

Think about a bottle of CBD oil. Inside that bottle is CBD mixed with a carrier oil — it’s a liquid, and that liquid has a certain volume. Some brands measure this in ounces, others in milliliters. But for this example, we’ll use milliliters (or mL moving forward).

Let’s say it’s a 100 mL bottle of CBD oil, and it has 1000 mg of CBD. Potency, or strength, is measured in mg per mL—or how much CBD is packed into each mL of liquid. We get this number by dividing the amount of CBD in mg by the amount of liquid in mL.

A little bit of math tells us that a 100 mL bottle of 1000 mg CBD has a potency of 10 mg / mL.

And if we imagine a bigger bottle that’s 200 mL with the same amount of CBD (1000 mg), we’ve got 5 mg / mL. The 200 mL bottle is half as strong as the 100 mL bottle.

But if we imagine a smaller bottle that’s 50 mL, it’s twice as strong as the 100 mL bottle with a potency of 20 mg / mL.

The size of the bottle (or container) and the amount of CBD matter. Plenty of brands list the potency for you on the label — but if they don’t, just remember to divide mg by mL. This can help you figure out servings, especially if you’re trying a new product or brand. 

How Acknowledge CBD Products Stand Out

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