What Does 3000 Mg CBD Oil Mean?

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If you shop for CBD oil, you’ll notice that many brands call out how many mg of CBD is in a given bottle. Sometimes, that number is on the lower end, maybe 500 mg. Sometimes, it’s on the higher end, around 3000 mg.

But keep in mind that the dose isn’t just mg of CBD — the size of the bottle and other factors can impact how strong a CBD oil is.

  1. What is full-spectrum CBD oil 3000 mg?
  2. Is it safe to consume 3000 mg of CBD oil?
  3. How do I know how many mg of CBD to take?
  4. What is the best CBD oil.


What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 3000 Mg?

From isolates to tinctures and flowers to extracts, there are so many different kinds of CBD. First, there’s a method of delivery, and this is how you take CBD. This could include sublingual oils, topical lotions, and so on. Second, there’s a type of CBD: isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum.

CBD isolate is usually in a solid state instead of an oil or other kind of liquid. And that’s because it’s CBD in its purest form — all other compounds have been extracted or otherwise removed. There are a bunch of reasons why people take CBD isolate, but two big ones are that it doesn’t have any THC and it usually has a higher potency.

Next up is broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD is basically the same thing as full-spectrum CBD, but there’s no THC in it … at all. This is ideal for people who want all the cannabinoids to mix and mingle — this triggers the entourage effect. But not everyone wants to ingest THC for one reason or another.

Last, full-spectrum CBD has CBD plus all the other special compounds found in cannabis plants, including THC. But in most cases, it’s a trace amount (usually 0.3% or less). Many people take full-spectrum CBD to achieve the full potential of the entourage effect without feeling or getting “high.”

In this case, 3000 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil is a carrier oil infused with 3000 mg of full-spectrum CBD. This is a pretty high number, and many oils have a lower concentration of CBD. But we’ll cover dose and potency in the next section — stay tuned.

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Is It Safe To Consume 3000 Mg Of CBD Oil?

When it comes to dose, it’s not exactly one-size-fits-all. That’s because everyone is different, and the way CBD affects us is different, too. For example, some of us might need a higher dose to achieve the same effect as someone else.

Not to mention, dose isn’t just milligrams … it’s milligrams per milliliter (or ounce, or any other unit of measure — but for our purposes, we’re going to use mL). Milligrams per milliliter tell us how strong or potent a CBD oil is. Let’s break this idea down with a little math, shall we?

Imagine you’re on a website, shopping around for CBD oil. You narrow all the options down from a hundred to two bottles of CBD oil … one is a 60 mL bottle of 1500 mg CBD, and the other is 120 mL of 1500 mg.

One bottle is bigger, but the other is stronger because …

1500 mg of CBD in a 60 mL bottle has a potency of 25 mg per mL

1500 mg of CBD in a 120 mL bottle has a potency of 12.5 mg per mL

See how that works? The number of mg is the total amount of CBD in that container. So, the bigger the container, the less potent the oil is.

In this case, if you come across a bottle with 3000 mg of CBD, consider how big the bottle is to figure out its strength. From there, you can decide whether it’s a healthy choice for you.

Always consult a medical professional before changing any health routine — whether it’s adding CBD to your routine, increasing or decreasing doses, or switching up brands.

How Do I Know How Many Mg Of CBD To Take?

If you’re new to the world of CBD, we recommend using a “low and slow” approach. First, find a brand you trust that has a solid reputation and only uses quality ingredients.

Then, shop for products that match what you’re looking for — whether it’s tinctures, extracts, oils, and so on. Check out the instructions on those products; usually, there’s a recommended starting dose. For example, we usually recommend a drop or two of CBD oil under the tongue or in your morning coffee.

Keep in mind that other factors can impact how you feel, too, not just mg of CBD. Things like how you take it, how often you take it, and your unique body chemistry can all play a part. And as always, talk with your doctor before introducing or changing the way you take CBD.

How Acknowledge CBD Products Stand Out

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