What is suver haze CBD good for?

a photo of cbd oil representing What Is Suver Haze CBD Good For

Suver Haze CBD is a rich source of CBD. It’s sativa-dominant, with less than 0.3% THC. Thus, people who use Suver Haze CBD feel the effects of this strain but without the “high” that comes with traditional Suver Haze cannabis flower use.

Suver Haze CBD has a fruity, but spicy, flavor profile. Many people notice black pepper and floral notes upon exhaling.

What Are the Effects of Taking Suver Haze CBD?

Many people who take Suver Haze CBD report feeling calm and focused and having an improved mood. Some people also report muscle relaxation mixed with an increase in energy. For this reason, Suver Haze CBD is a great choice for daytime or nighttime use.

Is Suver Haze CBD Sativa or Indica?

Suver Haze CBD is a sativa-dominant strain of hemp It comes from the cannabis plant, but it has less than 0.3% THC by weight. That’s enough to register on a drug test potentially, but it’s not enough (for most people) to feel any psychoactive effects. So, instead of feeling high, people who use Suver Haze CBD feel relaxed.

Does Suver Haze CBD Help with Anxiety?

People who use Suver Haze CBD report feeling relaxed. Plus, it has a relatively high percentage of CBD—one of the highest strains available. For this reason, it may be a good choice for those looking to reduce stress, alleviate some anxious energy, or just feel a little more “chill.”

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