What Are Suver Haze CBD Strain Effects?

a bottle of cbd representing the strain effects of suver haze cbd

People who take Suver Haze CBD usually fall into two camps. Those who feel relaxed and calm, and those who feel energized and focused.

How you feel will largely depend on your body chemistry and how much you take. Either way, since there’s little to no THC in it, you get to feel good without feeling high.

What Is Suver Haze CBD?

With complex flavors and a unique aroma, Suver Haze CBD is a versatile hemp strain perfect for day or night. There’s little THC in Suver Haze CBD (up to 0.3%), so people who take it get all the calming and focused feelings without getting high.

Suver Haze CBD is usually found in flower form — ideal for smoking or vaping. But sometimes, it’s used in oils, tinctures, and other methods of delivery.

What Is the Difference Between Suver Haze CBD and Lifter CBD?

Suver Haze CBD and Lifter CBD are both sativa-dominant strains high in CBD. Neither has a ton of THC, only up to 0.3% — so they won’t leave you feeling high. Both strains have fruity, earthy flavor profiles. But people who take Lifter CBD often report a more pungent, diesel finish.

Lifter CBD is actually a cross between Suver Haze CBD and ERB, or Early Resin Berry. It’s typically energizing, making it a great choice for day-time use. Suver Haze CBD tends to be more versatile, ideal for day-time or night-time use depending on the body chemistry of the person taking it and the amount taken.

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