What Are the Effects of Frosted Kush?

a woman wonders about the effects of frosted kush cbd

The Frosted Kush strain is a hybrid strain that’s indica-dominant. Most people usually feel relaxed in both body and mind when they take this strain. This is what makes Frosted Kush an ideal nighttime use.

Depending on the dose and body chemistry, you may feel more relaxed in the body or in the mind. Some people don’t feel as relaxed as others and may experience increased focus instead. If you are looking for more of a powerhouse strain, with high levels of both CBD and CBDV, try Forbidden V.

What Is Frosted Kush Made of?

Frosted Kush is a descendant of Hindu Kush, an all-time-favorite strain hailing from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It’s an indicate-dominant hybrid that has a sweet, earthy, and slightly sour taste with hints of flowers and pine. Frosted Kush gets its name partly from its appearance. In flower form, this strain has “frosty” hairs (sometimes called “trichomes”) all around the outside of the plant.

Is Frost and Indica or Sativa?

“Frost” could be short for Frosted Kush, but it could also refer to Jack Frost — and they’re pretty different strains.

Frosted Kush is a hybrid strain, but it leans more toward Indica than it does sativa. This is what gives Frosted Kush its deeply relaxing effects.

Jack Frost, on the other hand, is a hybrid strain that leans more sativa than indica. So, for most people, it energizes and increases focus (which is the opposite of Frosted Kush).

However, even though Indicas usually relax and Sativas energize, it ultimately comes down to dose and body chemistry. So what calms one person down might energize another — and vice versa.

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