What Does CBDV Do?

hemp essential oil in small glass bottle representing what CBDv does

Although there’s still research needed on CBDV and its effects, early studies suggest that it may help with certain health conditions as CBD does, including inflammation, pain, anxiety, and so on. Moreover, some research suggests that Forbidden V, a specific CBD product, may have strong anticonvulsant properties that could be used to help manage serious seizure disorders.

What Is CBDV?

CBDV stands for cannabidivarin. Like CBD (or cannabidiol), CBDV is a special compound that naturally occurs in cannabis plants. Like CBD, it’s non-intoxicating, so it doesn’t affect thinking or make you feel “high.” CBDV is also a minor cannabinoid—it’s found in smaller quantities than major cannabinoids like THC or CBD.

What Is THCV?

THCV is short for tetrahydrocannabivarin, and like CBD, CBDV, and THC, it’s a cannabinoid — or a compound that naturally occurs in cannabis plants.

Like THC, it’s psychoactive. This means that when ingested, it causes a “high” feeling or a strong sense of euphoria. However, in higher doses, it may create a stronger “high” that lasts for a shorter amount of time when compared to THC.

More research is needed to better understand THCV. However, some preliminary research suggests that it may offer some distinct health benefits — specifically related to appetite control and improved mental clarity and focus.

Is CBDV the Same as CBD?

Even though CBD and CBDV are similar, they aren’t the same. What is the difference between CBD and CBDv? There’s a slight difference in molecular structure, and they may offer different health benefits. Plus, CBD is a major cannabinoid, and CBDV is a minor cannabinoid.

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